Meet Rachel

Hey guys! My name is Rachel From (my last name rhymes with dot com!). I was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, and have called it home for the past 19 years. I’m in my second year of post-secondary education, where I am studying Humanities, making friends, and loving life.

Life is sweetest for me on a cloudy day with a cup of coffee in my hand, a fabulous coat on, and the conversation of a friend. There really is nothing more I love to do. I love to hear peoples stories, design spaces and moments, and to share my passions and stories. I am inspired by the most innovative designer, the best story-teller, and the ultimate lover of [true] beauty: Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour! He’s my first love and the reason why I see purpose in life.

Even though I love style, I wouldn’t consider myself a style blogger. I am interested in story, and the narrative of clothing is one I am particularly interested. Clothing, style, aesthetic, it’s all an aspect of our story. How we dress is something that does reveal a part of who we are, it reveals part of our story. My passion is in hearing those stories, and that’s what I do on my blog…

I invite you into my story!


XOX Rach