Birthday Post: 18 Things This Year Brought Me

Holyyy smokes! I cannot belief that the last time I posted was October 30th! This semester got away from me. I often underestimate the time commitments that I make, and how many things I try to juggle at once. And, the truth is, after a day of paper writing the last thing I have energy for is more writing! But today is a celebratory blog post!

Eighteen has been the BIGGEST year yet of my life. So much good, so much to grow from, and so many exciting opportunities. I want to share with you the good with the bad. This was eighteen . . .

December 16th/2016. Just barely eighteen.
  1. Starting THIS blog was the biggest thing that happened this year. Hard to believe that a year ago  a dream that I fully intended to keep as dream forever, is now something I absolutely love and have found so much joy in. Thank you so everyone who has written for me, who has read this blog, and who has reached out to me because of this.

    The OG photos. Taken by Grace Nation. If I could go back, I’d tell myself to follow those dreams, because it has taken me so many incredible places…
  2. There is a community of people who are interesting in the things I am interested in as well, and so many people who have great perspectives. I’m particularly appreciative of my friend Martha, who pursues a life of raw beauty with intention and without succumbing to norms. Martha wrote a beautiful piece for my blog, give it a read here.
  3. Starting in March, and wrapping in November, I got to “star” in a short film directed by Jeremy Ratzlaff, called Mi Amor. This was a dream come true for me. Modest as it was, it was still a short film that I am super proud of! I’m not shown in the teaser, but you can watch the teaser here
  4. I got to watch not one, but two, of my siblings get married (which is all of them!). It was next level to watch their love stories reach such an important milestone.View More:
  5. I wrote a blog post for Aura 32–an online magazine! I didn’t think I would get to do something like this for years down the road, but my dreams came true! You can read that article right here.

    Picture by Abigail Burns, for Aura 32
  6. I have gotten to be an RA (resident assistant) at my college, which has been such a good time and has brought so many amazing girls into my life!
  7. I’ve learned the value of friends who call you to a higher standard of living, who make an effort to keep you in their lives, and who support and encourage your dreams. Emma.. this is you! ❤ Also friends with amazing style, who will write for your blog.  Check out Emma’s Style Story here and here Productivity Tips here!

    Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
    This photo of Em & I was featured in NarCity Calgary!
  8. I got to take a trip with just my brother and sister to New York, which was truly a trip to remember! I love quality sibling time.
  9. I got a tattoo done by my bestie Savanna. (Quick explanation: NEW YORK was home to my Momma, Dad, brother, and sister for years. Even though I was born in Canada, New York has always, and will always, have a part of my heart. It’s where dreams are made of after all!)IMG_1530
  10.  One of my best memories of the year, was the June weekend I spent in Whistler and Washington that I spent with incredible pal Emma Taylor. She vlogged the whole thing, which you can watch that here!21641024_1379575068806688_848479806976899929_o
  11. One of the best things that I learned this year is that, CHANGE IS POSSIBLE! Not only is it possible, it’s unavoidable. Change doesn’t equal growth, but growth is possible if you’re willing to persist through the messy stuff, and to see your faults.
  12. In a culture constantly trying to shape our views of our bodies, we have to be rooted in truth and we have to shape our views first. The passion I have behind this, I channelled into a post (and later a series) call the Body I Live In. Interested in reading my story? Click herecropped-5b624ff8-d8ca-48fd-b0ec-d73907337602.jpg
  13. Mom’s are straight up THE best. Dad’s are also THE best.
  14.  Ya, bangs were a mistake. Do NOT do that again…like ever
  15. People who walk beside you in life, who help you live better lives are irreplaceable. Grace Nation has been this person for me. I’ve woken up to muffins and a day planner in my room, she’s helped me clean my room, she’s been there for those 9-1-1 boy situations… it’s been priceless to have a big “sister” around the corner.
  16.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Instagram likes mean nothing! Breaks from social media have helped me remember this whenever I start to forget it.
  17.  My love for many things has grown this year. My love for my family, for my friends, and for coffee (@college).

    Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
    Coffee in Whistler…bliss.
  18. One of the BEST things I’ve learned this year is that being brave enough to do something opens doors. People aren’t as judgemental as you think they are going to be, they’ll just be impressed you did something. It’s better to do something small, than do nothing at all.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I honestly cannot sum up this year. So full of blessings. To have so blessings that I can’t even count them is the sort of problem I am more than willing to have. Thank you to everyone who walked with me this year, who loved me at my best and worst. I seriously cannot believe the richness this year has brought me!!

Nineteen–I’m ready for you!

XOX Rach

P.S. Get ready for big things coming up on the blog this next year!

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Rachel From grew up in a small town on the prairies of Canada. Her small town roots cultivated a love of story, and her big city ambitions cultivated a love of style. Rachel has a history of acting, both on stage and on screen and this dramatic flare gives her writing lots of personality. While in college working towards a Humanities Degree she blogs about her favourite things: life, style, and story. She loves coffee more than the average person, and would do next to anything for pizza.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Post: 18 Things This Year Brought Me

  1. You are growing so well. It’s been a bizarre year for our family but you’ve risen to the challenges and grown and also been a huge encouragement to me. Love you. Always.


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