FALL FAVS: life+style

Hey friends! It’s been awhile. I’ve been busy with the start of school, making new friends, adjusting to class, and also I took a weekend trip to New York! I am back today with my fall favourites.

OK, can I be honest for a second?

I don’t like dressing for summer. Summer dresses, shorts, and tanks are fun for like two minutes and then I’m missing my beloved coats and sweaters. That is to say, I’m very excited for fall. I can finally pull out my coats, and wear them without breaking a sweat.

Here are my fall favourites:

  1. This heather grey Wilfred Free sweater dress has been in my life for a year now, and I am still obsessed. This dress is legitimately my secret weapon. It always looks chic! This past week I woke up ten minutes before class and I knew I flat out didn’t have time to do my hair or make up, so I threw on this dress with black tights and black boots and I still looked pulled together. It simply never fails me.


2. This little number is a Target special. The silhouette gives it an amped-up t-shirt feel, but it is every bit as soft and comfortable as every other tee. I’m not a tee shirt gal, I usually feel too casual in them, but I am loving this one. God bless Target.


3. This camel coloured suede coat from Value Village ($13) is legitimately one of my favourite pieces. It is so chic! It’s simple, neutral, and the perfect layering piece for the fall season.


4. This Rolling Stones band tee was purchased at TJ Max for $10. It’s a men’s XL so basically it’s a dress on me. My BFF Alyssa inspired me with this purchase, she wears oversized tees frequently and looks so cute. Just yesterday I work this with a distressed jean jacket, leather leggings, and my Vans Old Skools, and I felt super cute. Once again, I’ve found a tee shirt that I love to wear and that I feel good wearing.


5. FINALLY I got my hands on the classic Vans Old Skools. I’ve been hunting these down for three months and I finally found a pair in New York in my size. I’ve had these for a week and I am already obsessed.


6. I get questions about my (p)leather leggings every time I wear them. They’re from Dynamite and I got them on sale for $10 last Decemeber. I don’t wear these a whole lot, but I do substitute these in for black jeans whenever I was that extra edge to my outfit. Overall, a piece that is so fun to experiment and play with.

21935464_1884592661557951_702667289_n (1)

7. My beloved Levi’s 711 skinny jeans. I am completely in love with Levi’s. I now own three pairs, in addition to these vintage-ish pair, I also have a pair of black and denim skinnies. The 711’s (above) add so much to an outfit with their barely-there distressing–the raw hem and pocket distressing.


XOX Rach





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Rachel From grew up in a small town on the prairies of Canada. Her small town roots cultivated a love of story, and her big city ambitions cultivated a love of style. Rachel has a history of acting, both on stage and on screen and this dramatic flare gives her writing lots of personality. While in college working towards a Humanities Degree she blogs about her favourite things: life, style, and story. She loves coffee more than the average person, and would do next to anything for pizza.

3 thoughts on “FALL FAVS: life+style

  1. You have such a beautiful style, I love the leather pants 😀 Would you mind check out my page? We can follow each other and be internet friends, it would mean the world to me!
    Love, Mimi



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