The Striped Jumpsuit

It was a chance encounter, this jumpsuit and I. I was in the Gap when I saw what I thought was a striped dress. I wasn’t impressed because I own many a striped dress and certainly didn’t need another, but something compelled me to take a closer look. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was not a dress, but a JUMPSUIT.

A brief history on myself + jumpsuits: in Twelfth grade my two best friends, Adri + Cailyn, and I decided to not wear dresses to our school’s equivalent of a winter formal and instead wear jumpsuits. We arrived to the gala and quite literally turned heads. It was awesome. Since then, jump suits and I have had a very friendly relationship. 

The real show stopper is the shoes though. These little Guess numbers were purchased at Marshalls. They were to die for, and I honestly couldn’t resist. 

Though these items were purchased months apart for separate occasions, I think they’re the perfect pairing.

Bonne chance,

Xox Rach

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Rachel From grew up in a small town on the prairies of Canada. Her small town roots cultivated a love of story, and her big city ambitions cultivated a love of style. Rachel has a history of acting, both on stage and on screen and this dramatic flare gives her writing lots of personality. While in college working towards a Humanities Degree she blogs about her favourite things: life, style, and story. She loves coffee more than the average person, and would do next to anything for pizza.

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