Where I’ve Been + Where You Should Go

For a few years now I’ve been making the treck to the Abbotsford area to visit my sister. This June I road tripped with my Mom + Dad from Saskatchewan to BC and spent two weeks there while helping my sister move + get married. 

Now that I’ve made the trip a few times I’m going to share with you my top ten favourite things to do in the area OR my top memories from this trip (a healthy mix of both!).

#1: You must go to Duft & Co.! Honestly, there is no happier place on earth. If you are gluten intolerant, I’m so sorry you’ll never experience the glory that is their ham and cheese croissant. If you go, I highly recommend their Spanish Latte + a pastry… to DIE for. 

#2: Downtown Abbotsford: ahhh, the charms of Abby exist in mass in their downtown. Spruce Collective + Spruce Market carry the most amazing home decor for those of us who are a bit more eclectic or who enjoy genuine vintage. Also, Hemmingways books has an unreal selection of books + vinyl sold at a reduced price because they are previously owned! 

#3: One of the best memories I have is going to see Rupi Kaur at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. Rupi is the author of Milk + Honey, a book of poetry that is well worth the read. It was my sister and I’s last date while bearing the same last name. I will treasure the memory forever. 

Not our best picture… but the only one I got! 😜
Granville Street is a dream 😍

#4: Cultus Lake is the lake of dreams. Okay, maybe not, but it sure is lovely. I have gone a couple of times and I have loved it! It’s the perfect get away for the day. On your way there, stop by Coneheads–such yummy ice cream!

Emma dropped her ice cream cone a minute or two after this and the lovely staff at Coneheads replaced it for her, free of charge!

#5: Weekend in Whistler/Washington: This is both a great memory + a suggestion. If you get the chance to go to Whistler or Squamish you MUST DO IT. The drive is unbelievable! The Sky to Sea highway is honestly breathtaking. In Squamish there is Shannon Falls + The Chief (a hike I did last summer and tbh I hated it!). 40 minutes further is Whistler, and I visited it for the first time this trip. It’s really tourist friendly, has loads of good shops and restaurants and is actually quite affordable if you rent an Air B n B!! So lovely, I recommend!

#6: If you’re in Vancouver you must go to Gastown! It is so charming with its brick streets and lamp posts. Gastown has so much to offer between dining, pampering and shopping. One adorable place to get pampered is Onyx salon. We went to Onyx for my sister’s Bachelorette + we all had a lovely experience. 

Note: photos were not taken with my blog in mind, they’re just the raw pics I snapped to send my Momma! 

#7: Another F A B place to go in Gastown, provided you want to drop some cash, is L’Abattoir! It has amazing food + drink. If you’re looking to be spoiled, this is the spot for you! 

Foie Gras: aka fatty duck liver. Surprisingly delicious!
Ricotta stuffed pasta… truly unreal.

#8: if you’re a Riverdale Fan you must take the #11 highway up to Mission and experience Rocko’s Diner (aka Pops)! It’s legit Diner food + it’s so cute inside! (P. S. I can’t wait for season two!)

…I only got through half!
I spent a few days in Calgary at the end of my trip visiting my friends + so the last few locales are actually in Calgary, not the lower mainland.

#9: The National. The National is a pub that has a few locations through out Calgary. I have only been to the one on Tenth Ave, and it was fabulous! The food + drink was amazing and on the lower level was bowling. I was absolutely awful at bowling, but the atmosphere was so great I’d return in a heart beat. It was aesthetic + delicious…what more could a girl want?

#10: Kensington really shifted my ideas of Calgary. Most of the time I’ve spent in Calgary has been at either massive malls or visiting family. I had never seen the (for lack of a better adjective) cuter side of Calgary. I liked it so much I could now imagine living in Calgary! Kensington had so much to offer: coffee shops, boutiques, + book stores. I’ll be back soon, Kensington! 

The trip out West was a lot of work this time around. Weddings are one massive party to coordinate! However, I am so thankful for all the fun things I got to do in the midst of the craziness.

What are you favourite lower mainland + beyond stops?
XOX Rach

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One thought on “Where I’ve Been + Where You Should Go

  1. Love your blog Rach. Kaela and I also love Riverdale so we had to go to Rocco’s. That is one busy little place but it was great.


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