Styled: Concert Attire by Glitter Queens

Hey friends! Today I had two of my favourite people write a piece for you! Emma Taylor and Abigail Burns hail from the West Coast and are notoriously FUN. These ladies know how to have a good time and how to look good doing it! They are known to go to a few concerts (*ahem* a TON of concerts!) and they are sharing from their experience today!

Continue reading for a look at concert attire brought to you by two blue-haired glitter queens! ❤

(From here on out is all Emma and Abigail! XOX Rach!)

Comfortable, casual, and functional are key in “Concert Attire”. Even when you’re being extra, you want to make sure that you’re still going to enjoy the show. Sure those platform boots make your legs look BOMB, but if you’re covered in blisters and completely miserable before the main act comes on, you’ll be asking yourself if it was worth it.

Today, we’ll be sharing with you some of our favourite go-to looks when we’re jamming out to our favourite bands. Keep in mind these looks are from two very… expressive individuals. This might not be your style, so we encourage you to be yourself and feel free to be as crazy — or not so crazy — as you’d like in the pieces you throw together. Concerts are one of the best ways to break out those fringy dresses, studded jackets, and patterned pants, that some might feel (not us of course) are a little too bold for everyday wear.

Although our wardrobes are quite similar, we add our own personal flair to our outfits. Abigail’s wardrobe can lean more towards the girly and romantic look, while Emma’s tends to give off a grungy and seemingly dark vibe.


For my first outfit, I decided to show off a comfortable ensemble that would be perfect for anyone wanting to bust-a-move on the dance floor. The Harley Davidson T-shirt is thrifted from value village and is paired with my often worn black ripped jeans. These can be worn in combination with any shirt and it makes for an effortless outfit that still looks adorable. for my shoes I am wearing my old skool vans, which are sure to guarantee me happy feet all night long. While this look may seem tame and comes across as “everyday wear” it’s just the kind of thing I would choose to spice up with a crazy make-up look and some glitter.




I’m a huge fan of mom jeans. Not only do they fit like a dream, but they have conveniently deep pockets. Which, while that may seem like a small bonus, it’s great for me when I go to shows. I hate carrying a purse, so the deep pockets give me plenty of room for my phone, ticket, and any spare glitter I may have with me. For this outfit, I paired my favourite thrifted mom jeans, with a satin pyjama shirt I got from forever 21 when I was in the tenth grade (that was five years ago. Yikes!). To tie it all together I threw on one of emma’s many chokers, a black lace one, with my favourite heeled boots from winners. These boots have been my best friend for the past 8 months. The perfect height, and super comfortable! They can take a casual look from a 7 to a 10 in an instant.


This is by far my favourite look of the day. Bringing together some of my favourite articles of clothing and adding an edgy twist to a simple outfit that incorporates current trends. The overall dress is something I first saw worn by the one and only Rachel From — so naturally, I HAD to have one. When I saw it in black and H&M it screamed my name. I included a pair of fishnets that I borrowed from Abigail’s younger sister (thanks Bridgit) to add a little bit of flare. The white T-shirt was found at value village as well as the boots. Abigail found the boots and while they were much too small for her they fit me perfectly. I am obsessed. Sadly, after wearing them for thirty minutes I knew I would never be able to attend a concert in them because my feet were in quite a bit of pain. It is SO important to wear shoes that won’t kill for feet — no matter how cute they may be.


One word- SPARKLES. I love this sparkly, pink T-shirt that I purchased from forever 21 (you’ll realize soon that I’m a fan of that vortex of a store.) I paired the shirt with a denim skirt and a mixed material bomber; both from, you guessed it, forever 21. This outfit is fun for when I want to keep it on the simple side, but still make a statement. I added my large silver hoops to give the outfit just a little bit more sass.


In my third outfit I attempted to combine class with sass. All of these pieces have been seen before, however, in adding my black velvet skirt I changed this look entirely. I like to think that it adds a feminine touch to this grungy look. Reworking my Harley shirt by tying it up in a front knot adds character to an otherwise plain piece. If you know me you might know my obsession with the chocker trend and will probably catch me wearing one on occasion (the understatement of the century). I believe that you can take any outfit from girly to grungy by adding the proper chocker!


Now, for my third and final look of the day. This outfit features the Denim skirt from outfit two. Be Lizzie McGuire. Repeat your pieces. Repeat whole outfits. What I’m trying to say is, don’t be afraid of the Kate’s of the world and BE AN OUTFIT REPEATER; if you feel good and look good, that’s all that matters. I styled this skirt with a cute tie-up choker, my mint green sk8 highs, and emma’s thrifted Converse shirt for a super casual look! I think this would be the perfect outfit for an outdoor concert — comfortable, chill, and just plain cute!

So to wrap things up there are a few things we hope you will take out of this post: 1 – comfort is key. Most concerts you are standing or dancing for hours on end, so dress ready to rock and roll. 2- Be yourself! Express your crazy side, or don’t, but don’t try to be anyone other than you! 3 – Don’t be afraid to repeat your concert clothes. If that little black dress is what you want to wear, don’t worry about the fact that you wore to your last show — chances are people won’t even notice!

We hope you guys enjoyed these looks as much as we enjoyed throwing them together! Thanks for reading!


Abigail and Emma

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