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Friends! How are you? Can you believe it’s almost May already?! I honestly can’t! April has been a HUGE month jam packed with transitions and endings and beginnings. Sadly spring hasn’t really hit southern Saskatchewan, it’s been snowy and cold here most of this month, and so I am very much looking forward to the summer heat. May will be an exciting month filled with bridesmaid duties for my sisters wedding, as well as work–lots and lots of work! I work everyday for the next three weeks (send prayers!). So I wanted to make sure I squeezed in another post before life becomes a little more mundane and busy! 

One of the best parts about transitional times in life is that they sometimes highlight for us what is most important, and that is definitely evident through this month’s favourites. I have been focusing on skincare and ease in my routine! If you’re curious about the products I’m loving and why I’m loving them… keep reading!!

1. Vaseline: is. the. BEST! I am somewhat obsessed with having hydrated lips. I exfoliate them every day, and always apply lip chap. Blistex is a fave of mine as well, but I find myself always preferring vaseline. It got me through my hyper-chapped days of being on Acutane, and has gotten me through the brutal dry winters of Saskatchewan. You probably know how great it is, you probably use it, regardless I had to rant! Buy it, try it, love it! 

2. Speaking of hydration I’ve recently began using the original Nivea Cream. This stuff is no joke. It’s thick, creamy, and super hydrating. I don’t use this on my face! I use it on my feet, elbows, and knees to keep them super soft. It is seriously thick. Have I mentioned that? If you are looking for a super moisturizer (for your body) this is my frugalist (new word) suggestion.

3. L’Oréal Voluminous in Carbon Black is a mascara I’ve been using since December, but I recently tried the not waterproof version and let me tell you, there is no comparison. The not waterproof formula works so much better than the waterproof, and the not waterproof version is everything I look for in a mascara. It adds length and volume and drama, it’s dark, and it’s a great price. It’s rare that I find a mascara I like because I compare them all to how great falsies look…this one passes the test! Thanks to the wonderful Emma Neustaedter (who is a frequent mention here on this blog) for the recommendation! 

4. Another perk of wearing not waterproof mascara is that is comes off so easily! Which brings me to my 3rd favourite… make up wipes! Taking off my makeup at night hasn’t always been a priority, but I am trying to implement better skincare, and taking makeup off before bed was my starting place. In a pinch it’s a lot easier to use a makeup wipe to remove makeup than to cleanse my face. Makeup wipes are a low maintenance girl’s dream. I was using ELF make up remover wipes, but those were harsh on my skin and didn’t remove makeup well. Full discretion: I bought the wipes above yesterday. However, I can already tell they’re going to be a favourite. 

5. Essential oils are so popular now of days. Mostly with the mom/older lady demographic, but I love them. I’ve been diffusing lavender at night when I get home from working the night shift. So relaxing. Highly recommend.

6. Okay, so again I’ve only done two strips from this pack, but this is my 4th time using this exact kind of whitestrips. They always reliever results and leave my smile bright and white. I love doing white strips! I actually look forward to doing them and with two family weddings this summer, I want my smile to be as bright as possible! 

7. Another favourite of mine is my NEW fish, Kendrick! He was named after Kendrick Lamar by my friend Brennan. I have been wanting a Beta for a while now, and I got to adopt King Fu Kenny from some friends on my hall.

8. Life has been crazy lately! Balancing finals and friends, working two jobs, and socializing: it gets busy! However, between organization and time management it’s possible. I wouldn’t be able to keep it all in my brain and so having a planner (and using it!) is the key to my success. This planner in particular is FANTASTIC. It is fun, and I love the lay out, plus it’s an 18 month planner, so it’s worth the $34 dollar price tag. I got mine at an Indigo store, and it’s by the brand (period included in the name)! 

9. This small black tassel bag has been my go-to bag ever since I snatched it up at Salvation Army for $3. It is so on trend, and it’s the perfect size! It has definitely been an item I’ve been loving!

10. My two favourite lifestyle items have been Perrier water and polarized sunglasses. I cannot get enough carbonation. I love it! But I’ve been focusing on making healthy dietary choices and well… soda doesn’t fall into that category. Carbonated water, however, does. And I love it. 

Also, if you haven’t invested in polarized sunglasses you should consider it. The polarization filters the light for your eye and makes the bright summer sun less agressive. This is great especially when driving. Also, wearing sunglasses that are polarized will mean less squinting and thus less crows feet. Not that I’m vain, but hey, if you can prevent wrinkles (re: sunscreen) why wouldn’t you?

Some non-photographed favourites include:

11. My sister’s engagement photos taken by the fabulous Rachel Barkman! 

Want to see more of these unreal photos?

12. That and I’ve been loving The Office. I’m watching it essentially 24/7.

13. Getting to spend a week with my friend Emma was pretty great as well. 😊

14. FAVE SONG: Strange or Be Forgotten by The Temples! Thanks to my sister for knowing my exact taste in music and for showing me the best songs! (Another song you need to listen to is The Less I Know the Better by Tame Impala!)

What are you guys loving lately? I’d love to know! 

XOX Rach

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