Galette’s With My Gal Grace

Hey loves. It’s currently 1:17 AM on Monday and I am reflecting the whirlwind of a week it’s been. All, except one friend, has left for the summer or for good, and it’s that weird lingo time of transition. My dear friend, Emma, is staying with me a few days and her company is keeping me sane! Anyhow, it’s been hectic between work and moving home and unpacking… but today I’m back with a new blog post on some of the YUMMIEST food you can make in a pinch. I probably won’t do many food posts on here, but here is at least one that literally anyone could do, and that literally everyone would love.

Grace Nation, who I’ve mentioned quite a few times on my blog because she has been one of my biggest supporters in this pursuit, and I wanted to squeeze in one last hang out before she left for the summer. We knew we wanted to bake and we had limited time and also didn’t want to spend a ton of money. I went to Pinterest for inspiration and was actually scrolling through my Food Photography board when I stumbled upon a picture of beautiful galettes. Little did I know they were going to be easy, and even more delicious than I could imagine.

Galettes are open faced pie you eat for dinner. You can make them savoury, you can make them sweet. You can flavour them literally HOWEVER you want to. The premise is simple.

Choose between salty and sweet.

Then choose a cheese.

Choose a veggie/fruit depending.

Add in meat.

Add literally anything you want to eat covered in cheese on a flaky delicious pie crust.

Are you sold yet? You should be. If not, here’s another selling point, galettes can be made to be Vegan and Vegetarian very easily…if that’s something for you personally or something helpful for when feeding larger groups of people.

Going into this process both Grace and I were noobs. We had neither experience in galettes themselves nor pie crust, but spoiler alert: we totally succeeded. We chose a savoury palette that included a playful array of flavours: prosciutto, pesto, soft mozza, figs, and blackberries. It was a delightful mix of savoury and sweet.

The pie crust recipe we followed can be found here. It’s four ingredients (water, flour, salt, and butter) and took about 4 minutes start to finish. I’m pretty sure it’s foolproof. Grace and I added ginger and thyme to our crust… just because. We didn’t know if it would taste good, but luckily it did. It added a nice dimension to the crust. You really could add any spices to the crust that you like.

While Grace rolled the pie crust out I microwaved half the figs with a bit of water and brown sugar to soften them and began to make a paste with them. We figured we’d do a mix of pesto and said fig paste as our base to the galettes. (It ended up being a brilliant choice).

Once the dough was rolled Grace and I roughly cut squares and began to pile our savoury and sweet fillings onto the centre of the galettes. We layered fig paste and pesto first. Then a layer of prosciutto and mozza, and topped with a few sliced figs and blackberries. When filling your galette leave a margain around the edges, and once you’ve creatively added your ingrefients you can either fold the edges over, or pinch the corners.

Next, you just set them on a tray to cook at 400 degrees for 35 minutes. 

The end product was simply magnificent. I cannot express how excited I was to eat these galettes and NOT eat the cafateria food. It wasn’t good merely in comparison, stand alone these galettes are in my top 3 favourites dishes I’ve made. Grace and I agreed that they’re essentially a fresh take on pizza because you can throw any toppings on the crust with cheese and you’ve got a tasty meal.

These will be a go-to for me in the future when ever I have to bring something to an event.

Now, let’s say you’re not convinced, let me offer one final argument for galettes… they’re dirt cheap to make! Ingredients for today’s galettes were only $14! Yes. FOURTEEN DOLLARS! Pick up a nice cheese and meat, and assuming you have the pie crust ingredients at home, you’ve nearly got yourself a galette right there.

Meat. Cheese. Pastry. Could you ask for more?!

I hope you’re feeling inspired to get in the kitchen and create! If not, I at least hope you’re hungry! 

Grace Nation:

XOX Rach 

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