Style Story: Brennan Gardner

In today’s post you’re going to meet a new friend of mine, Brennan. Brennan and I became friends recently and one of the first things I noticed about him was his killer style. He is one of the few guys I know who have managed to mesh vintage pieces with with the trends. Over black coffee (Brennan) and Diet Coke (Me) and a Chai Latte (Emma) we talked style, which makes this the debut of male style on!!

Brennan, a basketball player himself, cheers for the Golden State Warriors, loves lapsang souchong tea, and could eat Pho for the rest of his life. A Langley, B.C. native, is currently studying in Saskatchewan and playing ball when he’s not injured.

Going into this all I knew was I liked the way Brennan dressed, but I was shocked to learn just how much Brennan knows about style. Brennan first remarked that it is a passion of his, and not just all for vanitys sake.

If you remember the first style story I wrote on, Emma (who also tagged along for this interview), mentioned her struggle to balance athletic style and trends. Brennan shares the same struggle. He said that being an athlete can definitely make dressing up more of a task because so much of life revolves around sports. Even though that may be the case he still tries to prioritize style.

Brennan described his style as “Streetstyle” and said his greatest fashion inspo is Kanye West. Which makes sense because Brennan shares the same love for shoes that Kanye has, and Brennan owns two pairs of Yeezys. Yes, real, legit, full-fledged Yeezys…which was another shock for me. And a third pair may be in sight for him as he wants to upgrade his 350’s for 750’s.

Not only does he own Yeezys, but shoes are kind of Brennan’s thing. Okay, so “kind of” is an understatement. He owns more than 50 pairs of shoes, and yes, they’re all nice. Brennan stays on top of the hot shoes through Twitter, which he claims sends him about 300 notifications a day in style updates. Okay, so realistically we can’t all adopt Brennan’s passion and dedication to having nice shoes, so Brennan suggests two good basics to invest in are Vans and Chelsea Boots.

The shocks continued because Brennan is not so far into the world of Yeezys that he is impractical. Rather, he loves a good bargain. For Brennan the love of a good deal and unique style is a balance found perfectly in thrifting. Brennan loves to find pieces that no one else will have, and that are vintage or vintage-esque. Brennan customizes the pieces that he gets with the help of his Grandma and a sewing machine to make sure that everything fits well. Brennan’s number one tip for having good style is that the fit makes all the difference so make sure that what your wearing fits!

Beyond good fitting clothes a trend that Brennan follows is colour-blocking. A colour blocked outfit, his watch, and a dope pair of sneaks is the classic Brennan outfit.

Getting to talk with Brennan about his style left me, and I’m sure Emma as well, wanting to buy to shoes. Which may or may not be a good thing. Haha, I’m just kidding. It actually left me feeling inspired. Brennan not only has good style, but actually knows so much about the science behind style, seeks out quality in clothes, and is resourceful at the same time. Stay stylin’ Brennan.

I hope his story as much as I did!

Follow Brennan on Instagram: @brennangardner


XOX Rach

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