Denim on Denim

There are some fashion no-no’s should be abided by. But some rules are meant to be broken, and I may be wrong, but breaking the fashion rules is what our current trends are built upon. Everything from mixing metals, pairing patterns with eachother, socks with sandals, and yes, denim on denim. The Canadian Tuxedo is a wearable and functional trend and should not be feared!

Today in my second segment of Styled, I’ll be showing you 3 looks that I think are a chic take on the trend. 

#1: Hot Denim

I bought this skirt 20 minutes before shooting this look. It was 8 dollars from Sally Ann and I’m already wondering how I’ve got 18 years without one. The denim skirt and chambray shirt is an easy pairing that could be worn to lunch as is, or with a pair of casual heels to dinner. It’s work appropriate, school appropriate, on trend, and chic.

#2 Ripped. Cut. And Cute. 

I’m obsessed with all of these pieces. The denim jacket was sent to me by my BFF Virginia from Vancouver, BC. The jeans were $10 from H&M in Portland, and the tee was from men’s section at Sally Ann and I cut it! This is something I’d wear to school or just chilling with friends. It’s very casual and low key, but I’d like to think the shoes I have it paired with here amp up the chic-level. Did I mention it’s hella comfy??

#3: Canadian Chic

This look is definitely my favourite. It’s sleek, chic, and still so comfortable. This top, which I borrowed from Emma Neustaedter (there’s a post about her–check it out!), is from Zara. The jeans were $6 on sale at Joe Fresh, and the shoes are from DSW. You could throw on any coat over top–leather, trench, bomber–you name it, and it would be cute. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun putting together these looks, but I had even more fun shooting them with the amazing Adrianna Matthies. 

Will you be suiting up anytime soon? 😉

Until next time,
XOX Rach 

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