What I Actually Learned My Freshman Year

Hey guys!

It’s been longer than I wish it’s been, but I’ve been busy wrapping up my FINAL assignments of my freshman year! It’s so exciting. I’ve had lots of time to reflect on this year and I wanted to share with you what I’ve actually learnt this year. While the classes have been unreal, the learning outside of the classroom has been even more beneficial! 
Here is what I’ve actually learnt during my freshman year: 

1. Snapchat doesn’t matter.

2. Instagram doesn’t matter. If you like it, use it. If you like the photo, post it. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time curating Instagram posts to please people, to glorify myself. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter. That being said, it is super fun. So if you’re actually not consuming yourself with the number of followers you have and the number of likes you get, then there is nothing wrong. If you enjoy editing your photos and having an aesthetic feed, by all means… continue to do so. I personally love that aspect of Instagram. But be honest with yourself. I disabled my account twice this year because I wasn’t healthy enough to be on there.

3. Do the reading for class. End of story.


5. Endurance really does build character. Enduring schoolwork, heartbreaks, or maybe just life until your next paycheck…

6. Speaking of pay cheques: I have no idea how to manage my money. That’s been a tough lesson this year.

7. Organization and time management are two of the most important life skills to develop. If you’re wanting to grow in these areas of like I highly suggest taking 6 classes, working part time, and also attempting to have a thriving social life… While it isn’t impossible, it requires a lot of work.

8. Learning how to apply false lashes in under a minute is actually a skill that is very efficient. Saves time in the morning, and saves time taking make up off at night! Plus it’s so glam!

9. The freshman 15 is totally avoidable…even for non-athletes! So don’t lose hope.

10. Gossip and jealousy need to be evicted from your mind ASAP. If you want true relationships with others: don’t talk about them negatively EVER and celebrate their success without comparing yourself to them! It’s still a work in progress, but you better believe I’m working on it. 

11. Boys come and go. Sometimes really abruptly and sometimes they linger for way too long… Whether it is “Ring by Spring” or “Fling by Spring” it’s all BS. Being single is so much fun, and way less work. Soak up every selfish moment of singleness. And make good friends!

12. Potatoes: a cafeteria staple.

13. Prejudices and resentment are two ways to insure a lonely life. Not being humble enough to say sorry and thinking you’re above other people is one way to cut your potential friend group in half… if not more. Get out of your own way, and build up, not tear down.

14. Sleep: precious, necessary, and important.

15. Napping: precious, sometimes important, usually counterproductive.

16. Waking up early: awful, terrible, but sure-fire way to be productive.

17. Good friends are priceless. You know who you are ladies 💕💖

18. If you want to change your life, get off your butt and change it: My first semester and my second semester could not have been more different. My first semester was a train wreck, I was a train wreck. I didn’t do any school work, I was idle, I was a complete idiot financially, and in most areas of my life. Second semester, I moved into the dorms, and I decided to try to invest into dorm life even though it’s always awkward joining half way through. I did my reading for class. It was so uncomfortable to try to change my life, there were a ton of relationships I had to eliminate in the process, and habits that had to be broken. It was not fun. But it was so worth it. It is just a matter of stepping up and taking responsibility for what you’ve failed at, and taking the initiative to change it!

19. Positivity is key. 

20. Anndddd coffee really is the best drink.

I’m so excited to close this crazy, awful, wonderful chapter in my life! It’s been absolutely wild and I have loved this journey, seeing things unfold, end, and begin.

As my Dad says, “That right there is worth the price of admission!” 

XOX Rach

P.S. thank you to my girls who made my year so amazing!! 

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7 thoughts on “What I Actually Learned My Freshman Year

  1. How many years later and those lessons I learned at this college as a freshman I still carry with me, and they were worth every penny. I loved reading your story of reflection.


    1. Thank you so much Joelle for taking the time to read this! I’m glad to hear you’ve remembered the lessons you learned because I definitely hope I will as well for years to come!


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