For the Ladies

Woohoo! Blog post #3 is for the ladies.

Warning: if you have a problem with sentiment, read no further.

First I really want to say thank you to those who have shared in my excitement over this new and fun hobby. It’s been super encouraging and I love you for it. Also if you followed my blog officially, I love you 10% more. (The follow button is on the homepage towards the bottom…just saying)

Today’s post is going to be short…but I wanted to say THANK YOU to the women in my life and our world that are making it a better place.

To the women who work hard, who face adversity head on, who climb ladders that they’re told they’re not supposed to climb. Equally to the women who stay home and raise families. To the women who pursue the future passionately and fearlessly. You are doing important work, and you are paving the way for generations.

To be honest (even though this is the internet and I could lie about this…) I have spent most of my life being jealous of these women. Comparing my life, my body, my talents, and my weakness with theirs. It is draining to engage people like this: it either falsely elevates you, or falsely defeats you. I admire the strength of women who choose share in each other’s strength. Instead of being intimidated, or jealous, or threatened, they build each other up. It’s beautiful. As I grow to be more self aware I see that it is only to my disadvantage to compare my journey with the women beside me, and in fact superiority is less and less appealing.

This lesson has become increasingly more relevant to me as I see my female peers going out in life and thriving! (I seriously know some incredible women.) I have people left, right, and center, who are embracing their strength, and the strength of other women. Celebrate the women in your life who are strong!! Their strength does not diminish yours or anybody else’s.


So thanks ladies.




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Life is too short to waste. Live it to the full.

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