What I’m Wearing: The Pink Fur Coat

Ooohhh. I’m excited. This is my first post about style! All the following photos were taken by the fabulous Grace Nation. If you like what you see here follow her on Instagram! (Link at the end of this post!)


This coat is somewhat reminiscent of a dead muppet. It’s probably the skin of Miss. Piggy and Animal’s love child. Whatever, I think its tres chic. I bought it specifically for my 18th birthday. Since my 15th birthday I’ve carefully chosen what I wear to ring in the next year of my life, and when I saw this coat at Marshalls I snatched it up… Oh wait, no I didn’t. I just dreamt about it for two weeks. Then on my way to the airport to fly to Calgary for my birthday I stopped at Marshalls and prayed it was still there…I was in luck. It cost me $56.00, but I would pay every penny again.

Under the pretty pink shell, is a relic from this fall. What looks like a baby pink satin tank, is actually a Brunette The Label slip dress ringing in at $90.00 from Rowan and Co. It’s tucked into my FAVE jeans from Zara that I got so many months ago I can’t remember the exact cost, but they probably fall somewhere between $35.00-$50.00.

These shoes were borrowed in a pinch from a dear friend who told me they were a steal from Winners.

Now, to be completely honest, this outfit was chosen to go along with what I wanted my blog to look like, but I’ve worn all these pieces multiple times even though they’re not basics. In fact, my wardrobe is fairly void of “basics”. Maybe you have something a little “out there” in your closet that you’ve been dying to wear… or maybe wear again for a less special occasion? I dare you to do it!

Grace’s fantastic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grace_to_the_nations/

Until next time,

XOX Rach





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2 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing: The Pink Fur Coat

  1. Hello there. I would like to know, is your precious pick fur coat made of actual animal fur. As a vegan, I am deeply concerned. This blog is beneficial in many ways, but I would like you to ensure that the your articles of choice you are advertising are cruelty free. Thanks,


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